The Honesty Program

An integrative program modeling  nutrition, conscious living and mindfulness in schools

Honesty program

An integrative approach specifically designed for schools with an emphasis on modeling conscious living, mindfulness  and nutrition. 


Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, structured movement, breathing brain breaks and free play/recess.


Relationships with local farms. Have gardens in schools to supplement school lunches and offer surplus to school families  at subsidized cost. Potentially offer to community as well.


Training teachers in self regulation,  including new language concepts. Examples, kindness tree, (what you focus on, you get more of) stating what you want and expect using visuals,  create safe places for staff and children, celebration stations and more. 


The core of the program. Offering ongoing classes to staff and parents. Seeing value of modeling self care through food, connection, and mindfullness around children. Also educate about devices, screens and media.


Good for the Earth, the staff and the children. Using green products in school. Also not spending money on buying disposable junk and then giving kids money to buy it back for fundraisers. Also, offering disposables as rewards for good behavior. Making sure school wide community give back mindset.


We are all in this together. When adults model and use  adult responsibility, we are educating the children of our future, today!  We are all in connection with all those around us, especially the children that are watching and mimicking us and often continuing our old habits that have been proven to not be most effective! 


The parent, principle, administrator, to take a stance in modeling healthy lifestyle within an educational environment. See the value and dire importance and being progressive models for children and even the staff.  Offering an educational environment around self regulation, self care, conscious connection using tools of mindfulness and whole food nutrition.